About Us
Securitas-M is the first security agency for physical and technical protection of individuals and wealth in Polog region in Republic of Macedonia. It was founded on 2013 and it is still the first security agency provided with working license given by Komora za Obezbeduvanje na Imot i Lica na R.M.
What we do
Securitas-M owns a 24hour monitoring center and a 24hour mobile patrol. It is a company focused in its' expertises and clients are offered with two differet types of protections: Technical Security "Alarm Systems and Video Surveilance (cameras)" and Physical Security "Licensed Bodyguards".
Our Mission
It is of course a mission to provide and help our clients with the finest security services available in the marketplace. Through our extensive complement of high quality products and services, we will enable our clients to run their operations with minimal effort and concern for their safety and security.
Announcement for violent entrance
After this signal is received in our monitoring station the operator sends information to the nearest security patrol (24hours) for the exact location and the type of the signal. It is the best possible way to interrupt such an announcement and of course the guys working as security patrol they have to control the object all around from the outside.
Announcement for panic
This type of announcement is activated by clients if they are present at the object and feel unsafe for some reason! It is called the panic-button (which is usually installed by the needs of the client) and with just a press of it announcement is received at our monitoring station. After the arrival of this signal in the monitoring center the security patrol is send to the object and handles the situation in a more effective way.
Announcement for fire
If the user of services has fire sensor in their alarm center, then if there is any fire announcement in object, the mobile patrol controls the object, but, if the alarm is deactivated, from the monitoring center is called up to the object to verify if the announcement is real. In both situations, if the announcement is real, the monitoring center calls and sends the anti-fire units.
Authorization of alarm center
If this kind of signal is received at our monitoring center from any object, it is the work of the operator to controll if the person who switches ON/OFF the alarm is authorized about that. If the contacted persons on object do not answer clearly this case the monitoring center sends the security patrol to check and authorize the person.
Violent switching of alarms
To the users of the monitoring center services, is given an code for deactivating of alarm with force. If the user has problems with opening of the object instead of deactivating normally, he will use the given code and after that the monitoring center will send the mobile patrol
CCTV Cameras
As mentioned above we have also a professional trained team for mounting cameras. Clients are also offered with this kind of technical security which helps them observe their wealth in an easier way. Cameras are all recorded in a static HDD and can be viewed by a static TV also. It is also our job to provide them a static IP Address to help them view their cameras through their Smart Phones.
Our Products

Camera CCD color Samsung SIR-60P

Waterproof IR-Bullet Camera DAHUA

4K Ultra HD Network IR Mini Dome

Indoor IR Dome Camera HIKVISION


EXIR Bullet Camera HIKVISION >


SATEL Control Panel VERSA 5

Paradox Wireless Control Panel MG5000

Paradox PMD2P Wireless

Photoelectric detector ABT 100

Paradox REM15 Remote Control with Backlit Buttons

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Boris Kidric 1/11

Phone 24/7 : +389 44 353 160


Address in Gostivar:

Goce Dellcev / Local 35

+389 78 444 114


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